Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

The beautiful cakes shown below were created by students in the Culinary Arts class taught by Khris Oaks. This page has been created to showcase the cakes and to present the cakes and their creators through the use of augmented reality.

A simple definition of augmented reality is the layering of digital over real life. Through augmented reality apps, "markers" in the real world are tied to some type of digital information. One of the first uses of commercial augmented reality (1998) was the yellow first-down marker seen during football games on television. Now, augmented reality is used by many industries. On this page, each cake is a marker for a video in which the cake creators talk about their creation. To view the videos, do the following:

(1)   Download the free Blippar App (IOS, Android, Windows)
(2)   Open the app and allow the app to access your camera. Also, allow the app to see your location while
       using the app. Go through the introduction.
(3)   Tap "Start Blipping" and point your device (iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc) to one of the pictures. Try to fill the

       screen with the picture. After a few seconds, the video will automatically begin. 
(4)   When the video is over, tap Done (top left), and then tap the X (top right).

(5)   For the next video, point your device to the next cake picture (you do not have to tap “Start Blipping”
       for each picture—only tap it when you open the app). 

(6)   Repeat 4 and 5 for each cake picture.
(7)   Enjoy!

Fish Cake


Illusion Cake


Wedding Cake


Carousel Cake


Coral Reef Cake


Pane in the Glass Cake


Transcendental Cake

Blue Elegance Cake