Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures

Entering the Classroom

Students enter the classroom quietly and calmly. The students come in, sharpen pencils, get all materials they will need for the class and then have a seat in their chairs. There is to be no getting up to do this during class. 

End of Class Dismissal


I dismiss the class not the bell!!


Journal/Bell ringer

Each day there is a journal assignment or bell ringer work on the board. Students enter the classroom and get started on the assignment. The assignment is kept in student’s folder and graded each six weeks.


Homework is assigned daily.  It is due the next day.  If the student works during class the work should not have to be taken home.  There is a basket placed on the bookshelf for the student to place their work in. 

When a Student Is Absent

When a student is absent the student is responsible for getting his/her work when they return to school.

Restroom Breaks

Only one student may use the restroom at a time. The student must have teacher approval and a hall pass. Each student is allowed 3 passes for each six weeks.  The student is responsible for keeping up with their passes to be turned in when using restroom. Extra passes will not be given so the student needs to use them wisely and take advantage of their passing period.

Personal Grooming

           There will be no putting on makeup during class.  If it is taken out at any time during class, it will be taken up and not              given back.  There will be no brushing hair during class.


There is to be no cell phones, i-pods, MP3 players or any other type of disrupting device.  To help with this problem, there is a box on each desk for ALL cell phones to be placed when entering the room.  If you are caught with one during class, they will be taken up and turned in to the office immediately for a parent to come up and claim for a $15 fee.