Mrs. Quintero                                                                                       school 806-894-8515

Room 132                                                                                    

Levelland High School


I want to welcome everyone to Math.  I hope to have a very fun year.  I have many great lessons planned to help you learn and love math.  If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me at the school number or email me. 


Supplies Needed

Pencils – 20 ct box (Wal-Mart has for 97¢)


Every student is expected to be in class everyday.  If a student is sick it is their responsibility to get make up work when they return to class.  If a student misses class due to a school sponsored activity, they are to get the work that will be missed before they are absent.

Grading Policy

Chapter tests and benchmark tests will count twice. Homework and daily quizzes will count once.

Late Work

All work is expected to be turned in on time.  If work is turned in late 20 points will be deducted each day it is late.