Remind Messages

Remind Messages


During this next school year I will be using the Remind App to send text messages to students and parents.  My main purpose will be to remind students of tests, project deadlines, field trips, etc.  Students are not required to use the remind system.  If they do not have text messaging or have limited messages, they may choose to depend on keeping up with the information as presented in class.


Each day, my students are given a daily quote, which they are required to record.  I will make an effort to send the daily quotes through Remind.  This may make it easier to catch up on quotes if they are absent. 


As a parent/guardian, you may sign up to receive these messages also.  To sign up for the remind messages, send a text to 806/853-9528.  The message should be the appropriate code for the class that your student is in.  If your child has me for more than one class, you will need to sign up separately for each.  However, this would mean that you probably will receive the quote message twice daily.


            Fashion Design - @80913


            Food Science - @6f5ccd


            Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness - @lifetimen


You will not be able to respond to these messages.  If you need to contact me personally, please email me at