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Senior Year Checklist

Senior Year Calendar/ Checklist


  • Register and pay for your fall dual credit classes with South Plains College.
  • Schedule changes are to be complete by August  29
  • Go online to college websites for information on  preview days, deadlines, university scholarships, etc.
  • Go online to www.applytexas.orgor to begin application process to colleges and universities. There is a fee for these applications. Check early admission  and scholarship application deadlines.
  • Prepare questions to ask your senior counselor. (college ideas, careers, credit check, scholarships, grades)
  • Register for the ACT/SAT.;
  • Create profiles on scholarship websites. Get a list of these sites from your counselor.
  • Check class rank and GPA.
  • Visit college campuses of interest.Seniors have 1 approved absence for college visits. Bring back a dated and signed letter to give to the attendance office.
  • Register for Selective Services if you are a male and 18.
  • Fill out a Personal Fact Sheet for your teachers/administrators/counselor to receive as you ask them to write a letter of recommendation.


  • Watch application/scholarship deadlines for college admissions.
  • Be conscious of maintaining good grades.
  • Read LHS counselor website for information on scholarships and other important senior information.
  • Listen/watch announcements for college visits. 
  • Request transcripts to be sent to the colleges you are applying to.
  • Register with the NCAA if you are an athlete and planning to participate in Division I or II sports.
  • FAFSA opens on October 1


  • Complete and send college/scholarship applications before Thanksgiving break.
  • Continue to work on your grades..
  • Schedule senior pictures
  • Keep good records of all awards, volunteer, leadership, and other activities. This is good information for scholarship applications.


  • Complete any scholarship applications you are working on before the Christmas break.
  • Register and pay for your spring dual credit classes with South Plains College. Turn in Early Admission Course Approval Form (Must be done every semester.)
  • Double check that you are meeting all college deadlines with applications, housing, and scholarships.
  • Go to and look at federal financial aid requirements (this form cannot be completed until after January 1st). Go ahead and register for your PIN- students and parents need to register.
  • Make sure you are passing all classes for the semester or make an appointment to see your counselor.


  • Begin the FAFSA application at
  • Finish and send applications for specific  scholarships.
  • Register for spring dual credit courses with South Plains College.


  • Check updated class ranking
  • Continue to work on and finalize scholarship applications- check deadlines!!!
  • Contact colleges to see if your application is complete and mail any forms, or further information that is needed. Remember your FINAL transcript cannot be sent until June.
  • Read LHS counselor website and check for scholarships. The website is being continually updated.
  • Send/Submit your completed FAFSA application.


  • March 15th: FAFSA priority deadline
  • Solidify your college plans/choice. Let other schools know if you are not attending.
  • Contact your future roommate.
  • Keep a list of scholarships you have been offered and notify the college you are attending of outside scholarships you have received.
  • Visit college campus if you have not already done so.


  • Concentrate on graduation!
  • Stay focused on your academics. Failing a second semester course could keep you from walking the stage/graduating and require you to attend summer school.
  • Check to see if your college has summer orientation for freshmen and get registered to attend.


  • Check graduation plan with your counselor.
  • Take the TSI if you still need it for college.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Exams will be May 7-14. Scores will not be available until the summer.
  • Turn in all scholarship offers to the counseling suite as we prepare for the Academic Achievement Pep Rally.
  • Request your FINAL transcript to be sent to your college/university by signing up in the counseling center.
  • Request your South Plains College transcript to be sent to your college  if you took dual credit courses.
  • Graduation is May 24th at the SPC Texan Dome at 7:00 p.m.!